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Push aside all the noise and confusions and start building your own personalized social marketing and digital strategy that is guaranteed to grow your business.

The Digital Strategy Coach program is not simply social media training or instructions on how to use Facebook. Rather the Digital Strategy Coach is an ongoing, membership-based program that incorporates your specific business objectives, goals, products, services and market into a simple to understand strategy that can then be implemented quickly and cost effectively.

Your membership in the Digital Strategy Coach program includes:

  • Digital Strategy Workshop – This workshop consists of 8 modules that take you step by step through the creation of your digital strategy and plan literally in a few hours. Each module is composed of a series of video sessions and supporting workbooks and planning tools.
  • Webcasts and training sessions As a Digital Strategy Coach member, you will be able to attend webcasts, Q&A sessions and special online “how to” training classes for no additional charge.
  • On demand Resource Center Miss a webcast? ┬áNo worries… You will have access to on-demand replays of all webcasts, Q&A Sessions, and training sessions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Personalized 1 on 1 coaching and assistance Not ready to do it yourself and want an expert coach by your side? Upgrade to Digital Strategy Coach “Live” and a Digital Strategy expert will work with you 1 on 1 throughout all 8 modules of the Digital Strategy Workshop and assist you with creating your digital strategy and plan.
  • Access to Digital Strategy Coach Implementation Network – Need help creating your blog, setting up your Twitter account or with implementing any part of your strategy? As a Digital Strategy Coach member, you will have special access to our network of certified experts that can help you with all aspects of implementing your digital strategy at special member rates.