Create Referral Partner – Internal use only


  1. Fill out the form to the right. It will create both a SMN Website account and an Infusionsoft account for the user, and mark them as a RP Candidate. If the email address already exists, this form will OVERWRITE the users record, and mark them as an RP candidate.
  2. Log into Infusionsoft with an Admin account, find the users record, and Choose “Select actions” –> Apply an action. Select “Add new Action –> Run another Action set”. Then choose from one of the following actions (do NOT select “Create a Referral Partner action”):
    • Make client to DSC 20% Referral Partner
    • Make client to DSC 30% Referral Partner
    • Make client to DSC 40% Referral Partner
  3. Log into Infusionsoft using the user’s partner code and password (email, and RP password) Log into Infusionsoft
  4. Click on the “Link Generator” menu item on the left, and at the bottom:
    • Who is driving the traffic : leave set to current user
    • Where are you driving traffic to : Leave set to DSC Registration
    • Which ad are you using to drive the traffic : Leave set to “Please select one”
  5. Click on the “Generate Link” button
  6. Send the link that’s in the “My Tracking Link” section to the user