About Us

CompassThe mission of Social Marketing Noise is to assist small and medium sized companies rapidly expand their business through the effective use of social marketing and the implementation of a simple and successful digital strategy.

To that end, Social Marketing Noise provides membership-based coaching programs to businesses, celebrities and media companies that help remove the confusions of social marketing and assists with the the creation of a successful digital strategy and the implementation of social media, search marketing, online engagement and viral traffic techniques to significantly expand revenues and profits.

Social Marketing Noise was formed in late 2011 by a group of entrepreneurs and business owners who got frustrated with all the “noise” related to internet marketing, social media, etc. As small business owners we all believed in the power of the internet for marketing and the fact that inbound and social marketing is the future of marketing. However, as we tried to implement social and inbound marketing we ran into a myriad of technologies, bad advice, “things we must do” (even though no one could tell us why), and unworkable strategies that collectively became “noise”. We knew that in order to be successful we needed to get past the noise and come up with a simple yet effective way to tackle and be successful with social marketing. We also knew that if we found the right ways to be successful we needed to share what we have learned (and are learning) with other entrepreneurs and business owners and coach them through their own social marketing implementation.

So we here are nine months later after doing boatloads of research, lots of testing and successfully building out a process for creating a social marketing strategy (which we call a Digital Strategy) and have just finished our beta testing phase and have launched the program in formal production mode. But by no means are we done with our research and testing, as the landscape keeps changing all of the time. We have reached a point that we believe any business large or small, can follow our Digital Strategy Coach process and end up with a social marketing strategy that can be successfully implemented.

We look forward to working with you!